Acrobatic Arts (Acro)

Tricks, flips, leaps and free cartwheels dominate our acro classes along with the safe teaching practice required to coach such gravity-defying virtuosity. Miss Melissa, Miss Abi & Miss Amy are all qualified acrobatic arts teachers. Admission to acro is by assessment and invitation only.

Adult Classes

Classical Ballet Barre class for adult beginners

You can achieve the poise, tone and strength of a ballet dancer with simple but effective classical ballet barre and floor barre exercises. Adult Barre Class is not committed to any syllabus; technique is based on the RAD and Russian Vaganova and the Stephane Dalle floor barre.

Attention is focused on toning, strengthening and lengthening the core muscles of the stomach, back, and extremities while learning the fundamentals of classical ballet. Benefits include improved posture, flexibility, strength and general well being.

Thursday 7.30 – 8.30pm – The Dance Studio, Orleans Park Secondary, Twickenham

No Barre Burn

Abigail Cova princpal of Marble Hill Dance Studio and recent graduate of the Royal Ballet School takes you through your paces without the barre. No experience required. All classes are socially distanced. Mask wearing is optional.

Classes fuse techniques from pilates, floor barre, classical ballet and HIIT training. We offer a unique and efficient way of working from the inside out. All you need is your body, a mat and enthusiasm!

Monday 10:00 -11:00am – Cross Way Centre, St Stephens Church , Twickenham

Associate Ballet

Associate Ballet

The associate strand offers enhanced ballet training which focuses on refining technique, skill and performance. The programme is by invitation only and is suitable for dance students who have drive, passion and are in pursuit of excellence in classical ballet.

Baby Ballet

Ballet Time – Baby Ballet


Classes are for children 2.5 to 7 years.
The nursery – primary programme uses a combination of resources from La Four Prima Dance; the ‘Dance to your Own Tune’ pre school programme and the new Pre – Primary & Primary syllabus from the Royal Academy of Dance. Children begin to develop core control and stamina and learn fundamental classical vocabulary and steps; through engaging in music and improvisation children are also encouraged to use their imagination and combine steps learned through out class. Our aim is to engage the imagination and harness the enthusiasm of children during the sessions. We focus on listening skills, body awareness and moving to music, the very basics of dance.

Body Conditioning

Body conditioning classes offer cross-training as a means to enhance dance training. We focus on isolating, stretching, strengthening, balance, coordination, stamina, spatial awareness and proprioception. We believe this class to be essential for training and it is offered free of charge if the student attends two ballet classes per week.


These classes are taken by freelance dance artists, teachers and choreographers. The content draws upon influences from; Graham, Cunningham, Limon, release based technique and floor work. These classes will explore efficiency in movements through the use of weight and momentum as well as finding ease, fluidity and power in the body. Furthermore there will be exploration of contact improvisation and partner work.

Creative Contemporary

Classes are based on the three strand dance model of creativity, performance and appreciation. Dancers are encouraged to experiment and express their own artistry through their own movements with stimuli from various mediums, encouraging a holistic approach to choreography.


Marble Hill DAN-SING classes offer a combination of current dance styles including street, hip hop, disco, modern and musical theatre drama with the addition of singing.

In the class time, students learn songs from musicals and the pop charts, old and new. Coupled with appropriate knowledge and guidance from teachers, students are then taught drama excerpts and dance routines to the chosen songs; the term will culminate in a performance for parents and friends.There is an appropriate set warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of every class.

Dance & Choreography

During dance and choreography we encourage students to push and challenge themselves to the best of their technique and performance ability. The classes are diverse in content, working on various choreographic pieces that can be commercial, lyrical, jazz or acrobatic. Many of these numbers go on to be showcased at festivals and in-house school performances.

Marble Hill Dance Parties

We can tailor a special birthday to remember for your child’s party offering fun dance workshops in Ballet, Jazz, Street, Musical Theatre or Contemporary Dance. You choose the theme and we (and the kids) create a show stopping number to perform in front of family and friends to finish the party with a bang!

For ages 5 – 7 years the birthday is split into two half hour slots where party goers would have a general dance or singing warm up and then create a piece to present to parents at the end of the party.

For ages 8 – 13 years this time is increased to two 45 minute slots.

If you don’t have a venue or space at home, we can arrange a fabulous studio at Orleans Park Secondary School which holds up to 25 – 30 children.

Past Birthday children have enjoyed creating performances of Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Aladdin, Matilda, Wicked and dances to Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Our teachers are all safeguarded to level 2 training, insured and DBS checked.

Why not call Abigail 07899771101 to book your party now.

Festival Coaching

Festivals are regional competitions that result in the finals of the All England Dance Championship. These classes are for serious dancers only who are in attendance of 3 classes or more sessions per week.

Floor Barre

Floor Barre classes are a conditioning programme for classical ballet. We teach the Stephane Dalle technique which focuses on the turn out muscles and lengthening of the legs and core stomach and back muscles.

Summer School & Holiday Camps

Our 2019 Summer School runs for two weeks in August at Orleans Park Secondary School, Twickenham.

5th – 9th, 12th – 16th and 19th – 23rd August 9am to 4pm.


Marble Hill Dance Studio Summer school is a week of dance, drama, musical theatre.
Summer School is held in Orleans Park Secondary School, Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3BB.
The day is generally split into five or six – 45 – 60 min sessions depending on learners abilities.
Students normally have three breaks: a short 15 minute snack and water break, 45 minutes for lunch (which normally ends up with some kind of singing or dance off taking place; even though we tell them to rest) and then a short snack and water break in the afternoon.
Younger children will get respite from dance, either doing arts and crafts or watching dance or ballet on the enormous screen in the drama studio or if they just need some time out, they are able to rest and observe the older dancers.
As well as learning to act, dance and sing, the sessions are working towards putting together a performance for parents at the end of the week and students study all kinds of dance from ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, Scottish country dance, singing, acting and drama.
In past years the two levels have worked harmoniously together, the older students are very nurturing and caring towards the littler dancers.
Teachers are permanent staff at Marble Hill but we do sometimes ask guest teachers to come along.
There are 4 teachers within the building at any one time with assistants on hand to help with any pastoral or emergency care needs.
Students go home happy but exhausted and excited to return day on day.
Should you wish to make a booking, please reply to [email protected] with name and age of child and the week/days you would like to book.

ISTD Modern Theatre & Tap Dance

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is another of the worlds leading dance organisations. The modern theatre syllabus is a combination of modern and jazz dance. The ISTD tap dance syllabus is excellent for improving rhythm and fitness as well as being a fun and enjoyable discipline to learn.

Jazz Technique

These classes explore various jazz and commercial dance techniques as seen in the West End and Broadway. Matt Mattox and Fosse are major inspirations for these styles.  Students learn dynamic travelling sequences, leaps, turns and isolations.


LAMDA drama classes follow LAMDA exam syllabus. Students learn monologues and duologues from poetry, prose and film. Students are introduced to basic acting skills and builds confidence infront of an audience. Our first exam session in January 2018 resulted in 100% high distinction passes with all students achieving over 85%.

Pointe Work

Considered as the ultimate pinnacle of ballet training, students begin the most testing part of training in our pointe classes. We have three levels of pointe work and students must embark on our 8 week minimum strength training programme before even buying a pair of pointe shoes. Please see our pointe policy for further information. Children are individually assessed.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching classes are catered towards the individual needs of the student. They are particularly useful on a weekly/monthly basis or when leading up to audition season, examinations or festivals. We offer 1:1 coaching in every dance discipline and for any ability. As well as our own students from MHDS, we privately coach students from leading ballet schools in England including, The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst Ballet School, The Brit School, Arts Educational, Hammond Ballet School, Central School of Ballet and Tring and have also had students from as far as Europe, The US and Canada come for coaching during their holidays in the UK.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Founded by Marie Walton – Mahon in Australia, PBT offers a classical conditioning programme on mats and yoga balls, it enhances classical technique and gives students an in depth understanding of muscle memory training. Our teachers Miss Amy & Miss Laura are qualified PBT instructors.

RAD Ballet

he Royal Academy of Dance is the largest examining and dance teacher education organisation for classical ballet in the world. The syllabus includes free movement and character dance and provides an excellent introduction to classical technique.

It is clear that children are individuals; no two are the same, this applies vigourously to classical ballet grading and training. Motor development and cognitive processes occur at different stages for children. We level students by physical ability over their age, to ensure that we offer the best possible training.

Approximate age recommendations:

NURSERY LEVEL                     2.5 – 4 years

PRE – PRIMARY                       4 – 5 years

PRIMARY                                   5 – 8 years

GRADE 1                                     7 – 10 years

GRADE 2                                     8 – 11 years

GRADE 3                                     8 – 12 years

GRADE 4                                     9 – 14 years

GRADE 5 – 8                               11 – 60 years

VOCATIONAL GRADES*          11 – 18 years

*For those where dance is a serious hobby or interested in pursuing dance as a career and further education only.

Singing Lessons

These lessons start with breathing and technical exercises to warm up the vocal chords and focus the mind. Each term we work on new songs whether they be pop, rock or musical theatre! During our classes we focus on technique, diction and projection, while developing performance skills and confidence levels.

Street Dance

Street Dance class is a fun and energetic session where children learn dances to popular music. The moves students learn will most commonly be found on MTV and other music channels.

Wedding & Hen Party Dances

Think you have two left feet? Miss Amy or Miss Abi can help you out. We are both experienced wedding dance choreographers who can help you wow the crowds on your big day. We can also teach the entire hen or stag a move or two if you fancy a wedding flash mob!

Musical Theatre  10 + years

In this class we aim to give students the best triple threat training possible. We focus on combining all three disciplines of Musial Theatre; singing, dancing and acting.

Students will work on one specific musical each term culminating in a performance in front of family and friends. Classes focus on building confidence, vocal ability and performing in front of an audience. Our aim is to inspire students, develop their skills and help them achieve their potential, and one vital aspect is that all students have fun!