Acrobatic Arts (Acro)

Tricks, flips, leaps and free cartwheels dominate our acro classes along with the safe teaching practice required to coach such gravity-defying virtuosity. Miss Abi & Miss Bri are qualified acrobatic arts teachers. Admission to acro is by assessment and invitation only.

Adult Classes


Classical ballet class for adults of all levels. Achieve poise, tone and strength with simple but effective classical ballet barre and floor barre exercises. Adult Barre Class is not committed to any syllabus; technique is based on the RAD and Russian Vaganova and the Stephane Dalle floor barre methods. Benefits include improved posture, flexibility, strength and general well being.

Thursday 19.30 – 20.45pm – The Dance Studio, Orleans Park Secondary, Twickenham


Adult tap class for all levels. Learn the fundamentals of tap dance as well as intricate movements and beats in this in fun and energetic class.

Monday 20:30 – 21:30pm – The Drama Studio, Orleans Park Secondary, Twickenham

Associate Ballet

The Associate strand offers pre vocational level ballet training focusing on refining technique, skill, musicality and performance. This programme is by invitation only and is suitable for dancers who have drive, passion and are in pursuit of vocational ballet training.

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Ballet Time

Ballet Time classes are for children 2.5 to 7 years. We offer RAD pre-school, pre-primary and primary classes. Some of these also include a short introduction to tap dance.

Children will develop core control, stamina and learn fundamental classical vocabulary and steps. Through engaging in music and improvisation children are encouraged to use their imagination and combine steps learned throughout the class. We focus on the fundamentals of dance; listening skills, body awareness and moving to music.

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Body Conditioning

Body conditioning classes offer cross-training programmes such as PBT, floor barre and plyometric jump training. We focus on isolating, stretching, strengthening, balance, coordination, stamina, spatial awareness and proprioception. This class is encouraged to enhance training and is offered free of charge if the student attends two ballet classes per week.


These classes are taken by freelance dance artists, teachers and choreographers. The content draws upon influences from Graham, Cunningham, Limon and release-based technique and floor work. Classes explore efficiency in movement through the use of weight and momentum, finding ease, fluidity and power in the body as well as exploration of contact improvisation and partner work.

Creative Contemporary

Classes are based on the three strand dance model of creativity, performance and appreciation. Dancers are encouraged to experiment and express their own artistry through their own movements with stimuli from various mediums, encouraging a holistic approach to choreography.

Festival Coaching & Competition Squad

These classes prepare dancers for regional competitions and qualification for the All England Dance Championship. Festival and Comp squad classes are by invitation only.

ISTD Modern Theatre & Tap Dance

The ISTD modern theatre syllabus is a combination of modern and jazz-style dance. Tap dance syllabus is excellent for improving rhythm and fitness as well as being a fun and enjoyable discipline to learn.

Jazz Technique

These classes explore various jazz and commercial dance techniques as seen in the West End and on Broadway. Matt Mattox and Bob Fosse are major inspirations for these styles. Students learn dynamic travelling sequences, leaps, turns and isolations.


Students follow the LAMDA syllabus and are introduced to basic acting skills including expression, projection, gesture, body language and building confidence in front of an audience. Students perform monologues and duologues from poetry, prose and film and explore improvisational techniques and sketches.

Marble Hill Dance Parties

Let us tailor a birthday to remember! We offer fun dance parties in Ballet, Jazz, Street, Musical Theatre or Contemporary Dance. You choose the theme and we (and the kids) create a show stopping number to perform in front of family and friends to finish the party with a bang! Past themes include Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Aladdin, Matilda, Wicked and dances to Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Host the party at your home, or at our studio at Orleans Park School (up to 30 children).

Musical Theatre: DAN-SING

DAN-SING classes offer a combination of drama, dance and singing. Students learn songs, routines and dramatic scenes from musicals old and new. The term culminates in a short performance for parents and friends.

Pointe Work

We have three levels of pointe class; beginners, intermediate and advanced. In all classes students work towards gaining strength, balance, articulation and confidence en pointe. Dancers are individually assessed before being invited to join a pointe class. Please see our pointe policy for further information.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching classes are tailored to the individual needs of the student. They are particularly useful on a weekly/monthly basis or when leading up to audition season, examinations or festivals. We offer 1:1 coaching in every dance discipline and for any ability.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Founded by Marie Walton – Mahon in Australia, PBT offers a classical conditioning programme on mats and yoga balls, it enhances classical technique and gives students an in depth understanding of muscle memory training. Our teachers Mr James & Miss Abi are qualified PBT instructors.

RAD Ballet

Students learn technique, vocabulary and steps from the RAD graded and vocational syllabi. The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest examining and dance teacher education organisation for classical ballet in the world. The syllabus includes free movement and character dance and provides an excellent introduction to classical technique.

Students are usually entered for examination after a minimum of 4 terms and only when their teacher feels they have reached the required standard. Approximate age recommendations for classes and examination are:

NURSERY LEVEL 2.5 – 4 years

PRE – PRIMARY 4 – 5 years

PRIMARY 5 – 8 years

GRADE 1 7 – 10 years

GRADE 2 8 – 11 years

GRADE 3 8 – 12 years

GRADE 4 9 – 14 years

GRADE 5 – 8 11 – 60 years

VOCATIONAL GRADES* 11 – 18 years

*For dancers taking ballet as a serious hobby or interested in pursuing a vocational dance education or career.

Singing Lessons

Students focus on technique, diction and projection, while developing performance skills and confidence. Lessons begin with breathing, warm up and technical exercises before moving on to work on new songs in pop, rock or musical theatre genres.

Street Dance

Street Dance class is a fun and energetic class where students learn dances to popular music. Dancers learn styles such as hip-hop, popping, breaking, waacking and will be given the opportunity to create their own routines.

Wedding & Hen Party Dances

Prepare for your special day with an experienced wedding dance choreographer to wow your guests! We can even teach the entire hen or stag party a move or two if you fancy a wedding flash mob!