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Uniform is compulsory. Please ensure that your child looks presentable for all classes.

Uniform is available from Dance Active

Dance Active,
311 Richmond Road,
Kingston upon Thames,

Rose Wilson: 02085495355


Hair should be tied up, away from the face in a ponytail for children up to Primary, or a bun for students Grade 1 and upwards.


No jewellery to be worn at any time.


All props are used in exams & class awards and can be bought from the Royal Academy of Dance website.

Nursery – Primary

GIRLS: PINK caps sleeve regulation ‘CHLOE’ leotard & pink wrap over skirt, pink ballet shoes (SATIN SHOES FOR EXAMS) & pink socksBOYS: WHITE leotard with NAVY shorts, white socks & shoesProps – Pre-primary: An UmbrellaProps – Primary: Cheerleader pom-poms and small ball

White tap shoes only for pre curriculum & above


Grades 1 and 2

  • GIRLS: MULBERRY sleeveless regulation ‘FAITH’ leotard with belt, pink ballet shoes (SATIN SHOES FOR EXAMS) & pink socks. Character skirt with pink braiding and low heel character shoes
  • BOYS: WHITE leotard with NAVY regulation shorts, white ballet shoes, socks and black character shoes
  • Props – Grade 1: Wand or ribbons

Props – Grade 2: Flower garland

Grades 3 and 4

GIRLS: NAVY blue gathered sleeveless ‘FAITH’ leotard with belt, pink ballet shoes with ribbons (SATIN SHOES FOR EXAMS) & pink tights. Character skirt with blue braiding and character shoes, Cuban heel for grade 3 & 4

BOYS: Same as grades 1 – 3 with NAVY tights

Props – Grade 3: Girls: Flower head band, Boys: Drum

Props – Grade 4: Cane and/or tambourine

Grades 5 and 6: Girls

GIRLS: BURGUNDY caps sleeved leotard with belt, Pink convertible tights, Pink shoes with ribbons (SATIN SHOES FOR EXAMS) BURGUNDY circular mid calf length skirt (FOR GRADE 6 ONLY) available online at dance direct, Character skirt calf length with burgundy, pink and white ribbons. Cuban heel character shoes

Props – Grade 5: Bowler hat

Grades 7 and 8: Girls

GIRLS: ROYAL BLUE caps sleeved leotard with belt, Pink convertible tights, Pink shoes with ribbons (SATIN FOR EXAMS) , ROYAL BLUE circular mid calf length skirt available online at dance direct, character skirt calf length with blue braiding.

Cuban heel character shoes

Vocational Grade Ballet

GIRLS: BLACK Freed Alice C leotard, pink convertible tights, pink soft pointe/soft block shoes with ribbons, pointe shoes with ribbons

Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and Intermediate – Advanced: Boys

BOYS: White leotard with cap sleeve, black tights with belt, white socks, white ballet shoes

Modern and Tap

GIRLS: Purple lycra turtle neck leotard with black cotton lycra stirrup tights with black tap shoes. (Split sole optional) Heel taps required for grade 2 and up

BOYS: Black leggings and fitted t – shirt,  black jazz tap shoes with black ankle socks

DSL – German School London

GIRLS Primary: Pale Pink ‘CHLOE’ no sleeved leotard & pale pink Georgette wrap over skirt

GIRLS G1 & 2: PINK ‘FAITH’ leotard with pink waist elastic

GIRLS G3: NAVY ‘FAITH’ leotard with navy waist elastic. Pink socks, Pink soft toe ballet shoes, satin or leather with elastics

BOYS: White t-shirt Navy poly cotton lycra shorts. White socks and white canvas or leather shoes with elastics

Second hand Uniform for Sale

For second hand dancewear join our Facebook Group – MHDS Second Hand Dancewear