About the Studio

The Studio

How it all began…

Following the completion of my teacher training and finding there was no dance school in the heart of St. Margaret’s it became an ambition to open a community dance school with emphasis on the three fundamentals of theatre dance.

Classes in Ballet, Tap & Modern improve posture and poise and maintain the building of confidence and self esteem. Classes also help to create new friendships and build social skills as well as giving all round training in dance.

Marble Hill Dance Studio has grown to a school with around 250 pupils all attending through recommendation and word of mouth. At Marble Hill, we aim to teach a secure framework for ballet based on the technique of the Royal Academy of Dance. The Royal Academy is a most highly regarded and recognised dance organisation with the syllabus taught in 82 countries worldwide. Students taking exams at Marble Hill have 100% pass rate in both graded and vocational examinations.