As a dancer/teacher in training and practice for 31 years, it is an understatement to say dance is an integral part of my life; I champion dance and believe this art has a fundamental role in education, physiological development and personal growth. If learning to dance is a positive experience, it will enable a child to develop as an active, accomplished, autonomous, creative, cooperative, determined, resilient and self-assured individual. The list of attributes is endless.

To teach dance I believe in the need for integrity, encouragement and patience. I teach ballet and dance because it is my passion. I want to inspire children to learn. Being part of a child’s dance journey, being able to ignite a desire to improve themselves enriches my time and career in dance education.
At Marble Hill Dance Studio, I strive to inspire a love and appreciation for dance in a professional and nurturing environment where students are motivated to do their personal best. Teachers at Marble Hill aim to value each child as an individual learner whatever their experience in dance. Every child is appreciated for their own artistic attributes, creativity, talent and physicality.

Every dancer matters.

In April 2016, I applied and was accepted onto further CPD with the Royal Ballet School’s two-year Dance Teaching Diploma course. I embarked on the course with the view to improve and augment my practice as a dance teacher. This journey has only just begun and is already changing my approach to dance teaching and learning for the better.

Abigail Cova
Marble Hill Dance Studio